Ep 8. In your element with guest Briana Kurtz

Briana Kurtz's purpose is to empower intuitive, infinite beings with the power of nature. Doesn't that sound amazing?
Briana was a pilates, yoga and breathwork teacher in New York City for 10 years. 

She has since moved to Spain and is currently expecting her first baby.

Briana and I chatted about each of the Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. As well as the simple tools we can use to reconnect with nature, outdoors, in our homes, and within ourselves.

We also chatted about Briana's amazing workshops. Her main workshop 'Elemental Embodiment' is all about using nature-based practices for emotional evolution and connecting with the Divine. The workshop deeply explores on each of the elements and looks at how they can support you in healing and growth.

To listen to the episode click here.

To learn more about Briana's workshops click here.

To take the elements quiz and find out which is your primary element click here.

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Thanks so much, Briana!

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