Ep 7. Unstuck yourself with guest Demetrius Thigpen

Meet Demetrius Thigpen aka Meech Speaks.

Currently residing in California, USA, this motivational speaker, author, marine, podcaster, and all round extraordinary man can be found at "Extraordinary Thoughts For The Ordinary Mind" Podcast.

What happens when you cross Meech Speaks with The Exception To The Rule Podcast... drumroll please... you get this high energy, motivation-filled episode!

I spoke with Meech about what it takes to "unstuck yourself", making sure your "why" is bigger than your "what", getting your vibes, mindset, and energy right to create good habits and in the words of Meech "stop being great and be extraordinary."

Listen to the episode here.

Follow Meech on Instagram @meech.speaks.

To listen to Meech's podcast, order his book, and more click here.

Meech, thank you for your good vibes and we can't wait to have you back on the show!

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