Ep. 6 It was written in the stars with Luke Balcke

Astro Awakening's Luke Balcke, is an astrologer and certified Reiki practitioner right here in Melbourne, Australia.
Luke specialises in astrology readings and reiki healings. 

"I believe in the timeless art of Astrology and it's ability to provide greater self awareness, life guidance and purpose." -Luke

During this episode, Luke takes us through all that was "written in the stars" leading up to the pandemic, what's to come, and explained what's important for us leading up to the future.

Luke also shared his knowledge and guidance on how to take responsibility of being the authority in your own life, how to cultivate your state of being and also strengthen your intuition.

Listen to the episode here.

Luke often shares great astro insights and videos on his Instagram.
Follow Luke @lukebalcke.

To book an Astrology Reading, Reiki Healing or supercharge your session by combining the two click here.

Thank you so much for the enlightening episode, Luke!

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