Ep. 2 - The pursuit of mindfulness! With guest Jem Fuller

Updated: Sep 9

From barefoot traveller to Leadership Coach and Mentor, Jem Fuller has definitely led a colourful and interesting life. He hasn't left any stnes unturned. Using his wonderful experiences to mentor and teach amazing techniques that he has adopted along the way.

I spoke to Jem about the pursuit of mindfulness and some simple techniques we can incorporate into our daily lives. 

You can listen to the episode here.

Jem is generously offering all listeners access to his Mindfulness Made Easy Course for free for the month of September by using the code below. This course includes 10 x 5 min, guided meditations with instructions.

Use the coupon - SPRINGGIFT at checkout.
To access the course click here.

To learn more about Jem and his amazing retreats, download his free book or to view all his current courses, head over to his website jemfuller.com.

Here is also the link to the not-for-profit letter writing initiative mentioned in the episode connectedau.com.au/the-letterbox.

A big thank you to Jem, I cant wait to have him back on the show to learn more!

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