Creatives Curtain Call: Maddy Herbert

Maddy Herbert, singer/songwriter, leading lady of, founder of, co founder at + @femjams booking and social media manager at Melbourne's iconic venue @thenightcat.fitzroy, oh and did I mention she drives the band's van "Danny DeVito". Could this queen be anymore interesting? 

I spoke to Maddy about all her creative projects including Velvet Bloom's upcoming single - released on 18 September - as well as how the current pandemic has effected her industry.
Listen to the episode here.

To support Velvet Bloom, please visit their band page and make sure you subscribe to stay in the know for all new song releases and upcoming gigs!

Follow Velvet Bloom on Instagram. 

Here's a little Iso Jam by Maddy to enjoy! Maddy, you're amazing!

Pictured above: Good times with Velvet Bloom and "Danny DeVito"

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